The Hotel has undergone restyling, all the rooms have been renovated thanks to the work of master craftsmen Vallecamonica who held several courses of laying laminate, furniture restoration and painting of the walls.

Each material used for this work is as natural as possible, such as paints are water based and certified SOLAS.
By removing the carpet in the rooms and common areas, we have created an environment more clean and hypoallergenic.

All bathrooms are equipped with aerator aerator for water flow, saving 30% of water while maintaining the same comfort in the sinks and showers.

The Minibar is turned on only on request, to allow energy savings and reduce emissions into the atmosphere, while maintaining the ability to have access to a cheap and affordable mini bar (soft drinks and water 1 1.50 €)
The kit of toiletries in each room consists of environmentally friendly products.
Breakfast is continental and plentiful, hot and cold favors the products at zero km, natural and organic.

Promoting sustainable tourism and awareness, ampiando proposals for visits to historical and natural beauties that surround us thanks to the numerous collaborations with various entities and associations that deal with history and tourism.



We support local artists exhibiting their works in the corridors and rooms of the hotel, giving you the opportunity to know and apprezzarli.Nasce as the final project of the Cooperativa K-Pax, the challenge of the new management and restyling Hotel Giardino Breno , in Vallecamonica to create a receptive activity that offers to be a meeting point for travelers.



Un progetto kpax

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