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Valle Camonica on two wheels!

Valle Camonica on two wheels

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Oglio bike lane

Hotel Giardino is located along the Oglio bike lane.
In 2019 the expert panel of Italian Green Road Award assigned to the Oglio bike lane the prestigious prize of “most beautiful cycle path in Italy”. 
There are also many cycle routes designed specifically to allow to discover and visit the wonderful Adamello Park and Stelvio Park and, moreover, the petroglyphs, symbol of our Valley.

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Breno and “alpine passes”

Hotel Giardino is located in the centre of Breno, path needed for who goes down from Passo Tonale towards, Passo Crocedomini, Idro Lake, Grada Lake and near Iseo Lake.
The journey can begin by descending to Breno via the Maniva Pass and the Crocedomini Pass, just 20 km from the hotel: one of the most fascinating routes in Europe. Passing through Valle Camonica via the Vivione Pass you will find the impressive Via Mala. Then we find nearby the Presolana Pass, the San Marco Pass, which with its 2000 metres brings us in touch with a high altitude landscape and the Aprica and Mortirolo Passes. The Gavia Pass is unique and not to be missed, where snow reigns supreme and the mountains are a dazzling white… it is almost difficult to describe their beauty. From here you can descend to S. Caterina Valfurva and then take the road to the Forni Glacier: the waterfall, the view of the valley, the rocks, the glaciers… will be all yours. The new cycle path that crosses Valle Camonica runs from Lake Iseo to Ponte di Legno.

Some initiatives and itineraries for different types of travellers are available at the hotel reception.